Reading Room Rules

Reading Room Rules

User rules

To ensure the long-term preservation of archival documents, it is important to follow the rules listed below.

  1. Leave coats, parcels, briefcases, and other similar belongings at the coat rack. Just keep what you need to take notes. Electronic devices are allowed.

  2. No food or beverages allowed.

  3. No documents are to be removed from the research area.

  4. Use pencils only.

  5. Do not film, photograph or copy documents with your own equipment (laptop, cell phone and camera).

  6. Do not annotate or dirty documents.

  7. Use only one box at a time.

  8. Maintain order; do not mix or reclassify documents.

Copying is done by the staff and within the limitations of the Copyright Act.

Report any accident or damage to a document to the staff immediately.

Handling of documents